Goals and objectives are critical if you intend to head anywhere worthwhile. If you have just been letting life happen without being intentional, you have likely had many disappointments, been used, and might even be just plain mad! There is a better way. Instead of letting life steer you, you were designed by God to steer your life under His authority. God intends you to use your will to make good decisions about your future. (See BLOG: July 2015) You were created to rule your domain. That may sound like a strange term. But just think about it. God created people to rule the earth. Only a select few become Abraham Lincolns, Kings, or Queens. However, in God’s eyes – and by His design – His children are all intended to be kings and queens. You are royalty by creation (1 Pet. 2:9). Royalty have a job to do: rule. You may never rule a country, but you certainly can rule your area of life: your domain.

By accepting your destiny – to rule – you can make a difference in the human timeline you live in. In fact, only you can make that difference. No one else can do what God created you to do. This privilege and responsibility of ruling happens in the minutes of every day of every year. You are in charge. So how are you going to rule your domain this next year?

As you sort through memories, experiences, and goals you had in the previous year, take everything of value forward into the New Year. That is the process of gleaning the “valuable old” – you know: the “tried and true” – forward to assist you again. (See BLOG: Dec. 2015) Use these resources that helped you last year to form the structure on which to hang the “fresh new” you intend to weave into your life this year. The valuable old and the fresh new only become part of your life as you establish goals and objectives.

Goals are things you want to accomplish. Objectives are daily, weekly, monthly intentional actions that propel you forward toward your goal. They are steps that are in logical order. They need to be reasonable, measurable, and have a start and end point. You will need to give much thought and prayer to these steps.

Over time, it will take resolve and discipline to carry out the steps of your objectives. Even if you fall short of the goals you set, if you commit to carry out your objectives, you will find yourself pleased that you made progress. This approach will more likely give you success than setting New Year’s resolutions with hopeful thoughts that fall off quickly.

You will never get to your goal if you do not set good objectives.



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