Target Cross

God sent an angel down to earth from Heaven after Jesus had already raised from the dead on Sunday morning. The angel was so electric, powerful, and pure, that he made superheroes look like children at play. But this actually happened. The angel’s landing on earth likely shook the planet. He was given clear orders:

1. Roll back the stone to the empty tomb.
2. Sit on it. Let people see you.
3. Assure My children to not be afraid.
4. Assure them I AM alive as I said I’d be.
5. Let them see the empty tomb.
6. Tell them to pass the truth on to others.
7. Tell them to meet up in Galilee with Me.

*Taken from my book SharpShooting: Your Bronze Bow, day 87 (A study in Matthew. This passage: 28:1-10). *Artwork: Andrew Wolfe

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