Hoping for a Husband? Praying for a Wife? (Part 2) – BECOMING THAT DESIGNER PARTNER

Waiting pt2

Part 1 stated that while you hope, pray, and wait for a good marriage partner, you should also be doing certain things to “be becoming” a quality partner, yourself. The list of doing centered strongly around excellent character qualities. In fact, it’s a list of qualities many are hoping to find in a future spouse. (To refresh, click on Part 1.

So, how do you become mature, hard-working, kind, honest, authentic, gentle, fun, and humble? Wow. That is a really good question. You can’t just go to Wal-Mart and fill your cart with those qualities. And I’m pretty certain you can’t order them on line. So where do they come from? How can a person load up on them? How much do they cost? Read More …