Perhaps you have been there: you want to break free and make better progress, yet, you are stuck. Locked in. It’s a miserable place: feeling suspended, unable to maneuver, paralyzed to come up with a plan.


  • Why is it so easy to get locked into bad patterns?
  • It’s even harder to break free.
  • It’s super hard to break new ground and lock into better patterns.

This miserable place is a prison of the mind.

Have you noticed immediate alertness to things you enjoy? They get on your radar in a fast way. Have you also noticed strong temptation to procrastinate when a demanding, complicated, and undefined task hits your list? That gets on your radar in a bad way.

How you respond to both kinds of activities develops your life patterns.

To get out of prison, it is critical to open your mind and heart by adopting a set perspective. How do you “set” a perspective?

Instead of developing an awesome “to do” list, develop at a deeper level. Certain things happen inside you – underneath everything you do. This is where perspective is formed and nurtured. Start there. Your action plan will flow from your perspective.

7 Steps That Help You Take Responsibility For Those “Hard” Things:

  1. Exercise courage. Admit up front “this is going to be challenging.” Choose courage.
  2. Be alert. Cultivate awareness to what you are thinking each moment. Think solutions. Options. Possibilities. Prepare to be mentally and emotionally tired at the end of the day. Being intentionally alert takes energy.
  3. Make your brain work. Force your mind to engage. Remember what you are doing and why. Confusion doesn’t come from God. Get stubborn about good stuff. Be hard on yourself in the right way. Examples: don’t let yourself slump into lazy responses. Refuse to listen to discouragement. Crush procrastination.
  4. Put energy into what you are doing. Once your brain is on board, get your body signed up. No matter how you feel, take “all of you” in the direction of your goals. This takes resolve. Set aside feelings that munch on your courage.
  5. Don’t be self-focused. Focusing on “you,” causes momentum to die. Focusing on what you are working to accomplish sets new patterns. With this perspective, you can develop an action plan.
  6. Give your whole self to what you are doing. You need total buy-in. Get all of you signed up! Better to fail trying than fail to try. Failing forward is good. You can learn a TON from failing. Stop trying to be perfect. Just go!
  7. Be still and calm. Yes, it is a choice. Stay the course. It takes time to break free and build something new. All people spend most of their lives waiting for something. Calmly persevere.


If you do these things, you become more human. Get unstuck! God will help if you partner with Him.

Then you can start on your “to do” list.

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