Life is hard. Broken. It wears you down and tears your heart up. By the time you get half way through your life, if not before then, you are stunned at the wear and tear of this world. With your heart broken and your strength well stretched out of shape, you realize, “It’s not going well. Life is not what I hoped it would be. I’m so tired. I am broken into pieces, scattered about, dry, empty.” When you are in this place, what do you do? How do you gather yourself back up and come together again?


The Sovereign Lord asks you, “Son of man, can your tired, weary bones live again? Daughter of humanity, can you gather up, regroup, and rise again?You are a “son or daughter of man.” Your best answer to the question is exactly what Ezekiel said, “O Sovereign Lord, You alone know!

The part that comes next is important:

1. Do you believe God can breathe new life into you?

2. Are you willing to obey what He asks you to do?

These are critical questions that, when answered, will either pull you into His miracles or leave you sitting on the side lines discouraged and alone. . . dried up in a heap.

Listen to the incredible words of your Sovereign Lord:

  • I will make breath enter you.
  • I will make you come to life again.
  • I will attach and reconnect your innermost parts.
  • I will make you into the lovely human I had in mind when I created you.
  • I will cover you and protect you if you will trust Me and obey.
  • I will breathe hope and strength back into you.
  • Then you will know I am God.

This is the process the Lord takes you through over and over through your life. Losses, sorrows, hardships, sin, disease, brokenness, health issues – continually threaten to tear you apart and undo you into a pile of dried up bones.

If you will dare to believe and obey, you will come alive again to finish your journey. You will be brought up from the effects of sin and death, and you will be brought back to a place of rest. What is that place of rest? It is dwelling in Christ forever, even as He dwells in you forever. Forever starts now!

God wants to do this for you. Do you believe Him? He will put His Spirit in you and help you live in fresh, new energy. He will settle you into your own place. Do you believe the Son of God/Son of Man?

Your best response: “Jesus, You can do anything!

* This post, Day 54, joins 4 additional posts – The Sin List4 ThingsTo Do When You Don’t See The BIG Picture, Stone Heart, and 2 Keys to Survive a Melting Pot  – all excerpts taken from my new book Despicable We: Daily Studies in Ezekiel. Check out these posts for practical tips on how to live in a tough world.

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