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4 Things To Do When You Don't See the BIG Picture

When you only have a few pieces of a huge puzzle, and that puzzle is your life, what do you do?  What if you don’t have time or energy to assemble it? What if the big picture scares you? What if you can’t wait to see it? What if you are used to “instant everything?”  There are 4 things you can actually DO.


The Sovereign Lord always has a big picture you cannot see. He is continually working His purposes. Even though the big picture is not in your field of vision, there are some things you can do to partner with Him as He works His great plan:

  1. Believe Him.
  2. Surrender completely in every detail.
  3. Obey His principles and His lead.
  4. Be creative and joyful as you live even though you only have a tiny piece of the big plan.

If God asks you to do things that don’t make sense in your brain, determine to respond with the above steps anyway. God is all about lifting you out, gathering you up, and bringing you back into the place He has for you. That is His work. Your work is to follow the above steps as you deliberately refuse to immerse yourself in the world’s mess. As you tear down everything that becomes more important in your life than God, as you eliminate all activities, thoughts, goals, dreams, and words that do not promote God’s Kingdom, and as you cleanse yourself from all things that offend God, you will find yourself very busy! “Working out your salvation . . .” (Phil. 2:12)


If you faithfully pursue God most and prove you mean business by doing all these things, then God will keep you from back-sliding. He will keep you clean. You will enjoy deep peace. And you will know freedom. You are part of His people, and He is your God. You have one Shepherd. Apply your every energy to following His laws and keeping His decrees, starting with the 4 things in the list above. The Sovereign Lord will keep His word to you and your children and their children. You and they will live in His peace (not necessarily trouble-free): established, multiplied, and in God’s presence. If you practice the 4 things in the list, you will literally “do life” with God, your King. He has chosen to dwell with you, to establish you, to bless your work, to make you holy.

God is faithful. That is an eternal foundation. Faithfulness is His very essence. The question to wrestle with is this: are you faithful? Or does your life portray you are faithless? Faithless means “promise breaking.” Choose to be faithful. Keep your promises.

To be human is to be “promised to God,” the Creator of life. By your choice, does your life belong to Him? Through your consistent faith and obedience, others will see more of who God is. Accept His big picture that you cannot see. Believe He is working His purposes. This passage (Ez. 37:15-28) is filled with “I wills.” He has chosen you. Let God do what He has promised. Put yourself in a position to receive from Him. Choose Him back and become a miracle in process.

What specific things can you do each day, starting today, to partner with God and accomplish the 4 things in the list above?

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