What causes eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear? Fully functional eyes appear blind; fully functional ears become deaf. Is it not the state of the heart that causes these conditions?

When the heart slips into a lack of attentiveness, it starts to experience areas of atrophy. Atrophy of the heart begins death of the heart. As it slips in and out StoneHeartof this deteriorating state, more and more of the heart becomes dead, cold, and uncaring. So, a heart of flesh eventually becomes a heart of stone.

In this dysfunctional place, you do not see or hear God’s Spirit, who is still actively working. A lack of attentiveness to His Spirit and a lack of awareness that you are utterly dependent on Him, throws your heart into a state of rebellion. You end up doing things in this place that you would otherwise not do.

So there is a rebellion that stems from laziness and lack of alertness. There is also a more active rebellion, resulting from allowing your heart to settle into what you know is wrong. In either scenario, passive or deliberate, rebellion produces an atrophied heart: yes, a stone heart. The Lord holds you accountable for this. You need intervention. You need an IV dripline.IVDripline

It may seem like only a pinhole, but that tiny pinhole where your faith pierces from your dimension into Mighty God’s dimension becomes the portal through which “spiritual fluids” flow, much like the fluids of a hospital IV dripline. You hook up to the dripline through prayer and spending time in God’s Word. To get those spiritual fluids, you’ve got to connect to God.

God’s fluids do 7 things that can miraculously change your heart of stone back into a living heart. Here’s how:

  1. God’s fluids nourish you through the pinhole of your faith and wash through your entire life.
  2. This gentle yet powerful lifeline renews your innermost heart.
  3. As His miracle fluids infuse your life with nutrients needed for restored health, they heal your heart.
  4. That dripline literally opens His dimension into yours.
  5. God’s lifeline becomes your reality – your life.
  6. You come alive as you begin to see and hear what you never could before.
  7. God’s IV dripline will transform you.NewHeart

Once you are healthy again you should take a daily soak in that life-giving power. Hook up to the dripline daily.

doctor-1295583Choose eyes that see and ears that hear. Choose a tender, throbbing heart instead of atrophy. Take daily inventory. Pull out your spiritual stethoscope and listen to your heart. Be still regularly, so you can hear.

Your life is a living parable. You have influence over others who are watching your story. Take responsibility for this. Choose to be an encouraging parable “as they watch.”

Will you be intentional about managing a healthy heart? How can you let His power flow into and through you today? Will you commit to live each day by prayer and be in God’s Word?


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