GOT POWER? 3 Forms of Power For Your Life

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GOT POWER?  Sometimes I lack power (energy, drive, passion, direction, perspective, etc.). And those days don’t go quite as well. Either something has hit – or parked – in my life, and I want it out! Usually it’s some kind of power drain.

In writing this blog, I am reminded how important power is in a person’s inner life. It affects every detail all day.  May I turn my thoughts to you? –

What power drain is holding you back in your life? Is it finances? Career? Other people? Time? Perspective? Lack of discipline? Terrible losses? Health issues?

I’m guessing whatever has slammed into (or parked in) your life, you’d give almost anything to have power to navigate through and get to the other side of it (or get it out of your life).



Yes, you may also need money, a job, certain relationships, more time, better perspective, more discipline, a new season with gains instead of losses, better health. But the first thing you need is power.

Power is an interesting concept. It’s an essential resource . . . a critical force. When I think about power, I think of armies, great machines, electricity, strong muscles, great structures. But power, at its root, is a much simpler idea. Power is the force that makes things come to be.

For people, power happens when you exercise your “will” moment by moment. It enables you to live your life and make choices that result in habits and patterns which bring certain results.

So how can you be sure you are using your will power well? And how do you re-charge when you are low on power?

God holds the entire universe – and your entire life – in place. Even while undesirable things (some listed above) are happening. Scripture says, “He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” (Col. 1:17) Sounds like it is critical to connect to God.

Plugging into God’s power puts you in touch:

  • with reality,
  • with your inner heart,
  • with resources and tools to help you live life more effectively,
  • with the ticking clock so you can be more efficient,
  • with healthy habits and energy so you can live better and longer.

How do you plug into God’s power?


God’s Word comes in 3 forms:

  1. Living form
  2. Written form
  3. Infused form

The living form of God’s power is Jesus Christ – the one original power. If you don’t have Him, you don’t have the source of power that was before all things, that created all things, and that holds all things together. You need this!

The written form of God’s power is Scripture, the Bible – power on paper. If you don’t have Scripture in your mind and heart, you don’t have the resource to help you navigate, solve problems, make changes, know right from wrong, and move forward in your life. You need this!

The infused form of God’s power is His Spirit indwelling your life – the secret power that enables you to become like Christ. If you don’t have the Spirit of Jesus living in you, and if you have not given Him the “final say so” in ALL your choices, you can’t make critical changes in your life. You need this!

This third form, infused power, is real and constant! Yet, it is only a “working theory” for you until it is applied. Theory becomes power when you plug into Christ. When you do, you get:

  • Power to endure.
  • Power to change and rise above.
  • Power to sustain in hard times.
  • Power to grow from suffering.
  • Power to be disciplined.
  • Power to love, show kindness, and be gentle with firmness.
  • Power to praise and be thankful.
  • Power to be an example of Jesus Christ.





Plug into Jesus Christ in the details of every day.


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