DESPICABLE WE: Printed and Published!

bw-ready-to-sell-booksIt is printed and published! Now it is releasing into the public!


DESPICABLE WE: Daily Studies in Ezekiel is available for you, your groups, your friends, your family, your church, your “Christmas gift list!”

I have arranged for a special Christmas SALE from now through Dec. 23. $2.00 off the regular price of each book! And I have a copy for YOU! Need a good (short and sweet) personal study? NEED GIFTS? Check it out at the Intentional Living Store. Not only is each book on sale, but here is a great way to save on gifts: BUY 10: GET ONE FREE!


Look at those shelves! Full supply! This study is already in the hands of a number of people. I’ve received feedback that it’s both challenging and encouraging . . . and that they are enjoying it. Some are doing individual, personal study from it. Others are wanting to form groups to study. The daily portions are short enough to do in a busy schedule, engaging enough to really make you think, and packed with reality.

The special “aha moment?” – Hope peeks around corners and surprises you.


Here is the back cover blurb: dw_backcover

“Unsuspecting Ezekiel found his life changed dramatically one day when the Sovereign Lord paid him a visit. He must have been in disbelief when he heard what God wanted him to do. God was expecting him to do and say things that were completely outside Ezekiel’s picture for his life. He was delegated the task of telling everyone how despicable they are. And then he was supposed to inspire a response from his audience of repentance, reverence, and hope.

The book of Ezekiel is filled with descriptions of the Sovereign Lord’s anger. Where is the hope in pages filled with detestable things being done by sinful people? What is the “take away” from admitting we live in a broken world? How do you rise up after reading about the lost glory of man? Or is it lost? What can a person conclude from this Old Testament book except that I am, indeed, a part of Despicable We?

After all, the Sovereign Lord has spoken! You have nothing left to say. Or do you?

Maybe there is hope. Lots of it! Maybe “broken” can be fixed. What is the possibility that glory is right around the corner of every issue? What if these positive possibilities whisper between everything that is despicable?

Will you join me, the unsuspecting, despicable author of this study, as I join the unsuspecting, despicable prophet who received the message from God centuries ago? We will explore what God thinks about Despicable We. I invite you. Ezekiel invites you. God invites you.”

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