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Comparing Feelings to Computers: 7 Points

Some months back, I posted What Do I Do With My Feelings? and compared feelings to a dog. Check it out. I think it is a good read. Terrible art work, but it might make you smile.


This time, let’s compare feelings with computers!

Things change so fast now. Last month’s smart phone is outdated – pressure to upgrade. Remember those blue internet cables? Now we are wireless. We once used a mouse to pull down electronic files (with a tail that plugged into your computer). Now we touch the screen and “finger place” a file where we want it. Coming: virtual surround computer screens to flip files and components everywhere while you stand in the middle – you know, like Iron Man/Tony Stark.

Our world is fast-paced and increasingly self-oriented. Consider – I-pad. I-phone. I want. I deserve. My life. My space. My pictures. My cart. My preferences. Self is gaining control.

In a self-driven environment, it is challenging to understand feelings and what function God intended for them.

But look at some interesting comparisons between your feelings and your computer and ask some good questions.

  • Your mind and heart keep track of a lot more information than your computer! Your feelings are among those files. If you were to suddenly delete all feeling files, your computer would be bare, boring, and lack some hefty power. You wouldn’t be able to connect to the internet (to reality).
  • Your feelings are like “website side bars” or pop-ups. You choose if you will click on them and when. What about favorites? Frequented bookmarks. Shortcuts? Are you addicted to some? Why?
  • How deep in your documents do you bury your feelings?
  • Sometimes your feelings get stuck – they just keep cycling (while that frustrating little circle lets you know it is still processing).
  • Does your operating system allow new apps or updates to get current with skills to manage your feelings?
  • What kind of operating system do you have?
  • Are you part of a network? Share security, hardware, and devices that promote healthy communication and relationships?

Just like you work on your devices a lot, you need to work on your feelings. However, just like the systems, safe guards, and sound technologies of your devices, your feelings need structure, order, processing, and a place to park.

The files and functions of your device do not have random control. If they did, your device would no longer be a resource to you. It would be an undependable risk. However, because your device functions are skillfully crafted and integrated, require time for downloads, require monitoring for security threats, and often require maintenance updates, they stay under your control. If you do all this for your computer, doesn’t it make sense to do the same for your feelings?

Just like the apps, programs, and operating system of your device don’t get random expression, neither should your feelings. They are “granted access” and monitored for proper function. If something doesn’t comply, it is reformatted or deleted. In other words, behind all the expressive resources of your device, there is an intelligent, orderly plan. Parameters of proper function. Protocols.

In the same way, your feelings are very helpful resources, but require an intelligent, orderly plan, parameters for proper function, and protocols. If they go “hay-wire,” you need to perform a virus check. Feelings are not evil. It’s how you implement, express, and apply them that determines morality. How you act on them. What you do next.

So your feelings are valuable. You need to engage them under supervision of your mind. Your mind creates gates and compartments to help you manage your feelings better. Is there any doubt why you should fill your mind with truth from Scripture and pour your heart into prayer? Your mind and heart help transform you to be a healthier person. (Rom. 12:2)

Embrace your feelings with wisdom, creativity, and problem-solving skills. They use up a lot of hard drive space, though. So have ample storage. Give them some space. Set up a docking bay with flash drives handy; you may need to transfer feelings to another device to keep working on them when you are on the run.


The more “techy” you become about handling your feelings – the more mature and effective in managing them. The more human you become. More compassionate, gracious and merciful. More authentic, honest, realistic, relevant and contemporary.

Scripture is clear – God has feelings. Being created in His likeness includes having feelings. But your feelings must not be given control of you. You control them. If you accept that responsibility like you oversee and manage your devices, you will make better decisions.

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