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Depression and Pain: 7 Things That Matter

Depression and Pain are cousins. Sometimes they come visiting . . . and linger too long as your “guests.” More often, they feel like predators. As much as you want them OUT, you feel helpless to make them leave. You cannot shake the depression. Or perhaps it’s the pain, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, mental. So, instead you find yourself asking questions like:


  • Why is this condition present?
  • Why won’t it leave?
  • What have I mismanaged that this continues?
  • Am I being punished?
  • Why do I have to live with circumstances I would never wish on anyone?

Regardless of your situation, I want to invite you to pause for just a few minutes as you read. Reflect and perhaps encourage yourself:

  1. You have successfully held on for a long time. Don’t discount that. Gold medals and championships are won by people who hold on. It is a huge accomplishment to hold on and keep going. Perseverance matters.
  2. God sees and cares. He is the one who hands out the gold medals of eternity. God helps and blesses the person who perseveres. God’s opinion matters.
  3. Stay in the “good place” of managing your condition. Remember – as long as you choose to do helpful things to manage it, you are in a good place. Discipline matters.
  4. Good can and does co-exist alongside depression and pain. You may feel you daily live at the end of your rope. Finding and holding onto good – matters.
  5. Life seems to drag out when you suffer. However, you have to admit – life is flying by. Lives on earth are very short. Numbering your days with hope and stubbornly pursuing some kind of meaning to each day – matters.
  6. Your perspective can change your emotional landscape. How you live – the kind of character you practice – matters.
  7. God is patient, not willing that any should perish, so He lingers a bit before He returns. Yes, you may feel overwhelmed. God knows and cares about you even as He supervises His big picture plan. He does not want you to suffer one day longer than necessary. He can be trusted. THAT matters.

Hold on!

When you suffer, it is easy to hear the wrong messages. It is tempting to think God does not care. He does, and He loves you deeply . . . but God is not under obligation to answer your questions in your time frame. He is the Friend who will always listen. He promises His presence and compassion. He promises to meet all your needs if you will trust Him. God wants you very close to Him – to share your heart with Him AND so He can share His heart with you. God intends to lift you up – to provide comfort and hope. Let faith drive you into His heart. Faith in a God who deeply cares – matters.


Very NORMAL people sometimes find themselves on a journey with depression or pain. You are a fellow traveler. You walk a rode many have walked. Depression and pain are temporary conditions. If you will commit to the above points, it is possible to navigate your way through and live a mostly normal life. Actually, that is all anyone can hope for. To be “mostly normal” is a HUGE accomplishment for any person on earth. God will help you. To be able to count on God’s help on your difficult path – matters!

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