God Always Has A Plan: What’s Your Part?

God always has a plan. Always! In fact, He plans pretty far out. The Scriptures tell us that before He created the world, He already established The Plan of Salvation. He put into motion that Jesus would become the Intermediator: fully man, fully God. Yes, pretty far out – He planned the whole thing. You know the story:

  • virgin birth,
  • living and growing up as a human,
  • ministry,
  • miracles,
  • suffering,
  • sacrifice on the cross,
  • resurrection,
  • THEN – He created the world.

Knowing God has a plan is comforting – IF you also believe He is good, loving, kind, and the source of all wisdom. The Scriptures teach God possesses all these admirable qualities. Since God overflows with these attributes, His judgments are trustworthy and fair. God’s intelligence is unmatched. His compassions never fail. His timing is impeccable. There is no attribute God possesses that contradicts any other of His attributes. His character – His very nature – is credible and congruent in every manner. So, as you invest your personal trust in His plan, you can personally rest.


Some comforting, relational, and powerful facts about God:

  • God will never be found without a brilliant plan in place.
  • He will never get behind.
  • It is not possible for God to forget – not even the details.
  • He will never be caught off guard.
  • His approach of love and compassion is never in short supply.

God works through the properties He created: time, space, physics, chemistry, etc. He works miracles – even today – that often look differently than you picture. His sustaining power is pulsating all around you. He is eager to help by putting His right hand on your Right Hand. God’s heart is leaning toward you. He is quite an Intermediator.

Although mankind is not, God is utterly faithful. The first covenant God established with man was through the sacrificial system. It was given to set a path, and it was temporary – not God’s final plan. This system gave His people a picture, a taste, a promise, provision, and it set the stage for the real deal story climax. All part of The Plan He set up before creation.

When the pre-established time was right, God put His new covenant into place through Jesus. No longer was connection with God a step removed. The sacrifices and temple became obsolete as Jesus became the Sacrifice and the hearts of His people became the Temple. Yes – Emmanuel right inside your body and spirit!

Before creation, God set His strategy for His plans in motion.  You are part of His strategy. You are the recipient of His love. You have an important role in the development of this exciting story being told over centuries. God wrote a script for YOU. Yes, He intentionally developed your character. Here is a thumbnail peek:

  • I will put My laws in your mind.
  • I will write My laws on your heart.
  • I will be your God.
  • You will be My precious child.
  • You will learn directly from Me over learning from others. I AM your new Intensive Trainer.
  • You will know Me more and more.
  • I will choose to forget all your sins. They are covered.


If God plans pretty far out, you can be sure He is “all over” the chapters of your life! He starts with the above script. But the script is fleshed out each day with your unique personality, skill set, and responsibilities. In other words, you help write the story. This is an interactive story . . . a partnership with God. God wants you to use your will to accomplish things that please Him.

Will you say “yes” to this script God wrote for you? Will you ask Him to show you how to live your script in HIStory? How to fully be “you?” How to use your mind and uniqueness? He has given you a strand of glory for your chapter on His stage.

What will you do to manage your schedule today to partner with God in His great plan?

Countdown to Easter: look for blogs that focus on the God/Man.

Article developed from Heb. 8:7-12.

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