Who Can You Trust These Days Anyway?!

People can’t readily trust others these days. In fact, if they are truly honest, they can’t even fully trust themselves. Deep down, they know their perspective may be skewed and their judgment could be flawed.

Since credibility is often in question, over the centuries we have learned to use outside “go-to” sources, third party opinions, and established trustworthy references to weigh-in on life issues. It’s like using gold to guarantee paper money. People pick the most reliable source they can find, which becomes their point of reference. They may become so convinced, they even swear by it.

God, also, can’t trust others. You. Me. Anybody. But He does trust Himself. He is always reliable, credible, and thinking clearly. God wants to share His trustworthy observations with you. He is the “go-to” source for your life. His consistent, faithful character backs everything He does. The real question is: do you believe Him to be your greatest source for life problems? Do you weigh in on His guidance? Do you swear by Him? God wants to make the “unchanging nature of His purpose very clear”* to His heirs.  If you trusted Jesus to forgive your sins and for eternal life, you are an heir of the living God.

God uses Himself as the backing of His promises. He swears by Himself! God becomes the guarantee-or. His heirs will be provided for – whatever it takes. In keeping His promise to provide, He offered His life as a sacrifice to cover all the debts against His heirs. The Great Guarantee-or “cashed it all in” to provide eternal care for His wayward, untrustworthy children. God physically carried out every detail to guarantee His promise through 2 unchangeable things:

  1. His Word
  2. His Oath


God became a person in Jesus Christ. Fully God. Fully human. He became the God-Man. Jesus was born, grew up, lived and showed God’s love continually, and then carried out the guarantee of God’s promise of eternal life by sacrificing His life. For you. For everyone. Born to be sacrificed. Born to pay the price for sin. What a blow! Yet, He considered it a joy set before Him to do this for you.**

After Jesus died, He ran on ahead of you into the Holy of Holies that exists in the invisible realm. He – a Man – ran into the very presence of God. He wants you to follow! Unthinkable – for a human to enter the Most Holy Place, stand before Holy God, and live to tell about it. Jesus kept God’s Word in every aspect without sin. He fulfilled God’s oath. He made it possible for you to enter the Most Holy Place – and not die! In fact, He wants you to live there! That’s the plan.

Jesus invites you to follow Him into this Most Holy Place and have intimate relationship with God. He can do this because He took the blow and became your sacrifice. His blood was shed to prevent yours from being shed. His life was sacrificed to spare yours. He suffered separation from His Father so you would never have to be separated from God.

Jesus restored HOPE. It is firm and secure. Run to this hope. Grab onto it as you would grab onto the horns of the altar in the Most Holy Place. You can even swear by it. The altar is the place where you:

  • Kneel in repentance.
  • Confess you need Jesus.
  • Die to self.
  • Give up your life to God.
  • Surrender to Him in all life issues.
  • And . . . when you get back up, you rise up as an heir!

You won’t find a better offer anywhere.

Be greatly encouraged. Jesus, your God and your Brother (the God-Man) has personally guaranteed your eternal life. His Word and His Oath have secured all provisions for you, now and forever.

Boldly enter the throne room of Holy God.

Article developed from Heb. 6:13-20.

* Vs. 17

** Heb. 12:2

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