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What does it look like to work with diverse people to touch a world for Christ? How do you effectively set aside differences? How do people who are so un-similar work together for common goals?

Your “differentness” is God’s idea. His plan. He made you different than any other person – with a unique personality, individual skill sets, custom-designed passions, very specific purposes.

And it pleased Him.

Your differentness is intended to enhance unity, not create division (unless you live for your own agendas). Christ is not divided. He has a great plan that encompasses the variety of personalities, abilities, skill sets, and view-points He created. God’s brilliant mastermind has strategized to involve each individual and organization in His agenda to gather up the globe’s greatest treasure: human souls!

Agreeing with each other in Jesus’ name is not so hard to do . . . not really! Best results occur when starting strategies are implemented from God’s Word. We don’t see the full picture being formed as we build together. But God sees it. He knows.

“Differentness” is needed for God’s work to fit together around the globe. Think of it this way. Parts that are identical don’t connect together well. They stack. They line up neatly. But they are not effective because they don’t “fit” into one another. They need an “opposite puzzle piece” to join to. This differentness completes the picture we are all working to finish in Jesus’ name.

Your individual work for the Lord matters. It looks different than other person’s or organization’s work. That’s the design. The pieces interconnect. We just need to find one another and deeply appreciate our different shapes. God knows how the puzzle will look.

  • If you focus on “being” exactly who God created, and
  • If you work on “hearing” His quiet, powerful voice, and
  • If you are willing to pray for wisdom and believe for His guidance –

– the puzzle picture becomes increasingly engaging and fulfilling. Sometimes you might work a border with others. Another time, you may form a corner or a center portion that has become clear enough to define. Still again there are times you may search and search for those concealed, missing pieces that seem to be hiding under something. There is joy in finding, placing, strategizing, partnering. Your contribution makes a difference in the whole picture.

Celebrate Global Diversity! “Be” who God made you. Accept others. Embrace team work in Jesus’ name. Look with eager expectation for what God is doing. The Lord purposefully doesn’t let you see His full plan because it promotes 2 agendas super important to Him:

  1. Living and serving by faith
  2. Working in unity with His Body.


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