I’ve been thinking about Jesus’ age when He completed His life on earth. He died at only 33! That’s just not very old! At a youthful age, Jesus handled Himself with exceeding wisdom. He understood deep, hidden things of God. Jesus knew Himself and was comfortable in His own skin. He was the only young man who lived with unmatched excellence. No sin. Just love. To this day, He still loves perfectly!

At 33, I was still figuring out who I am. Somewhat naïve. Inexperienced. I didn’t understand a lot about life. I’m older with different perspectives and conclusions, yet there is still so much I don’t know. Life is filled with things that can’t be explained or neatly packed away. I think I’m making less mistakes than when I was 33. But that’s just it! I was making mistakes. To this day, I still do.

Jesus Christ is fully man as well as fully God. The Bible says He learned obedience, skill, and favor with God and man – in a human body. He had everyday normal experiences. His earthly father, Joseph, taught Him carpentry. Jesus had to practice His strokes to get good at it. It wasn’t automatic. He learned how to communicate and interact. He practiced basic, human life skills to get from one day to the next. But love? Did He learn how to love?

My guess is Jesus learned about parental love as a child, about sexual love as a teen, about esteem and respect as a young man. But He did all that without sin. The love of God filled Him, oozing from every pore, and channeling His every thought, word, and deed. It’s huge to ponder. There are ramifications.

  • Perhaps on occasion, His mom, Mary – typical human parent – punished Jesus out of her own fatigue and stress. Jesus responded perfectly, even in unfairness. He was probably hurt in His heart. Yet, His response was excellent. He didn’t absorb the damage of insecurities because He lived inside God’s love from infancy on.
  • Maybe His kid brother slugged him over a “brotherly issue.” Jesus didn’t retaliate. He responded with kindness. He solved the problem because pure love was inside His kid-heart.
  • When community folks pointed as He walked through the market, whispering behind His back – “He’s the bastard child Joseph and Mary had,” Jesus didn’t implode OR explode. His Heavenly Father’s love stabilized Him. Being falsely judged didn’t throw His stride off.
  • At 12, Jesus visited the temple with his parents. He courageously, respectfully, and kindly discussed complicated religious topics with aged seasoned teachers. No pride. Just love.
  • Tradition holds that Joseph died while Jesus was younger. Jesus likely spent some of His youthful adult years supporting His mother and younger siblings with the trade Joseph taught Him. Scripture only hints. Jesus proved He loved His family.
  • When Jesus started His ministry at 30, He wasn’t afraid of being incompetent, of failing, or of what others might conclude about His fledgling launch. He knew His purpose was to model, teach, and personally live in God’s powerful love.
  • When He taught with authority, other insecure, proud, jealous teachers tried to spar with Him and trick Him. He had a clever, kind response each time. His character was never compromised. God’s love guided His answers.
  • Jesus carried the cross with love. His every heart beat pounded out God’s love as He laid on the wood and spikes were pounded into His flesh. Perfect love dripped from the cross on the ground. No hate. No anger. No sin. Just love.


Jesus loves perfectly. He loves you with everlasting love. (Jer. 31:3) Won’t you trust His love? Won’t you love Him back?

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