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Maintaining a steady pace and a steadfast heart in life is a real trick, isn’t it? Life’s terrain is so unpredictable, and losses grab at your ankles as you walk. “Keeping on” while being patient and calm takes resolve and courage. Unexpected developments, disasters, losses and grief, disagreements, declining health, even aging – these pop up on every side. Addressing them well requires being steadfast.

Steadfast Comes From Commitment

If your life is like mine, you’ve had ample opportunity to practice resolve and courage. Scripture reminds you are not alone. It looks like this. God’s love for you never stops. He’s thinking about you all the time, in the ready position, poised for action with sleeves rolled up. The split-second you lean into Him by faith – BAM ! – He is instantly in action in unseen dimensions to accomplish His good purposes on your behalf. God is absolutely committed to you. Your ability to be steadfast flows from His commitment to you.

A Few Questions For You at This Point

You need to make a commitment, too, for this to work. What is your commitment level back to God? Being steadfast means you make choices. Here are some choices involved in commitment to back God:

  • Holding tightly to God’s ways and promises.
  • Standing firm in trials because you are sure of Him.
  • Rejoicing in all circumstances as a statement of faith that God keeps His Word.
  • Coming near to Him to receive comfort, healing, and help in difficulties.

Will you commit to be steadfast with these commitment choices? When given the opportunity to speak or act on God’s behalf, is your response a BAM ! – instantly in action?

You Can Respond Well No Matter What Happens

The Lord enables His people to respond well in all life scenarios, even in tragedies and severe testing. He gives specific training, unexplainable peace, and necessary power to get through life.

2 Pet. 1: 3-4 says you’ve got everything you need from God to be steadfast. Let’s take a look:

  • His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life.” This means when you stay in God’s power, you have all you need to be steadfast. Have you claimed His power? That only happens by coming close to God in your heart and surrendering to Him.
  • “He has given us His very great and precious promises.” You have God’s promises. He never breaks a promise – EVER! His own high opinion of His promises – “very great” and “precious.” Claim His promises.
  • “So that through them you may participate in the divine nature.” Unbelievable! You can literally participate in God’s nature. Experience life like never before and know God more every day. By faith, participate in God’s life.
  • “Having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.” That’s some significant help! You can escape the decline of corruption that threatens everyone. Set aside your own desires for God’s, and you are golden. 

Focus Points to Start Thinking Differently

The above points all guarantee you can be steadfast . . . if you do them. If you keep trusting yourself, you won’t be steadfast. To be steadfast means to think differently.

This might help. Phil. 4:1-7 gives focus points to think the way God created people to think:

  1. Rejoice in all situations. This is a choice no matter what is happening.
  2. Put no confidence in yourself but rather in Christ. He’s the all wise One with unlimited power.
  3. Desire God over all else. Make Him your first, most, and best.
  4. Consider everything a loss compared to gaining more of Christ. He’s the Pearl of Great Price.
  5. Press forward and leave yesterday behind (losses and successes). Jesus makes the future fresh and bright in you even if things are a mess around you.
  6. Live up to what you’ve previously learned. This is the least you can do. More maturity will come.


Wow. How do you do all that?!

Helpful Action Steps to be Steadfast

The focus points above are all choices that help you remain steadfast. So choose them. Practice them – no matter how you feel.

Here are additional helpful action steps:

  • Pray for one another
  • Forgive the hurtful things done to you.
  • Be quick to say I’m sorry.
  • When a relationship has been severely damaged, and reconciliation in this life is not wise – let go of it (and of bitterness) into God’s capable hands.
  • Trust God in every scenario.
  • Practice cheer. This is not a feeling. It’s a choice – a state of outlook and chosen contentment. Exercise the joy of the Lord.
  • Rejoice – which is an additional kind of cheer. It is intentional, based in steadfast faith in the One who has excellent care of all hearts and situations. It is filled with gratitude.
  • Practice a gentle approach to others, and a gentle spirit in all situations. Gentleness shows there is peace in your heart – a combination of joy and kindness. Jesus rides gentleness into hearts, so always practice this.
  • A deep contentment is another deliberate choice you practice till it becomes a pattern. It will cement your faith in Jesus to work all things out for your good and His glory.
  • Joy is resting in God’s goodness, sure He is completely aware of everything. It celebrates being God’s beloved, being forgiven, being restored to His original design, and being His child.
  • Freedom from anxieties, embracing God’s peace, lets you fly.


Application Questions

Do you trust God’s intentions toward you? Are you aiming for these qualities to be steadfast in Jesus? Which things do you need to practice more to be steadfast? What action steps will you put into place to develop a pattern of steadfastness for your good and God’s glory? Are you committed to carry out these action steps starting today?

You can be at peace and delighted to be yourself as you work out your salvation to become the person God designed. Let Him transform you a bit more each day! Why not partner with Him? You can be steadfast!

Article developed from Phil. 4:1-7.

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