Last blog article explored living with a purpose and with hope. We began developing a 1-Page Goals Sheet – Step 1. The Goals Sheet is an individualized, custom-designed plan to organize and manage your life effectively with simple action steps.  We explored specific processes and began your Goals Sheet. Today, we will finish your Goals Sheet. You are very close to being done with a great plan and action steps that are easy to implement.

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How To Set Up a 1-PAGE GOALS SHEET: Step 1

January is the time people often think about their life purpose and goals. Sometimes, they re-visit regrets or dreams they once had. Living intentionally is important to be a healthy, balanced person.

I’m guessing you want to live with purpose and not waste your life. Because life is challenging, feeling overwhelmed is pretty normal for many people. God allows life to stretch you, but He wants you to stay close to Him and follow Him. He intends to kindle hope by walking closely with you. God gives wisdom, counsel, and power to help you succeed.

It is never too late to think about these ideas and jot a few notes. You need a plan to keep from floundering. Your plan needs good action steps that you carry out. I want to show how simple it is to set up a 1-page Goals Sheet to keep you on track. It’s not a complicated system.  Read More …