How to Fix Perspective

Perspectives change. You reach a level that feels comfortable and becomes your norm. The next thing you know, everything shifts right in front of you. Your relationships change direction. Your health is imminently threatened. Finances become unstable. You relocate and everything is new/different. Someone else makes a decision which drastically changes your life. And so on.

These things affect your thinking. Your thinking affects your perspective.

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Baby – You Give Us Christmas!

Baby – You Give Us Christmas!

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Excitement. Hope. Eager expectation.

Your circumstances do not change the timeless miracle of Christmas.

A Savior has been born – for you!

Baby Jesus made a promise. “Look! I Am making all things new!” (Rev. 21:5)


Christmas has tender moments, surprises and gifts, carols, visits from friends and family, the wonderful nativity story, lights, smells, goodies,  For children, it’s like magic. Adults who choose to see that good is still present, sense God’s presence. With eyes to see and ears to hear, there is fresh awareness the Baby brings good, kind magic every day . . . even in this broken, troubled world.

Yet, sometimes – even with good still present – this holiday unveils realities from deeper levels of your heart. From stress to depression to sadness to fatigue to unexpected bad news to lost hope. There are strains and expectations that can surface in December, even if just because of additional responsibilities. For some, past significant losses must be navigated while celebrating. God Cares About Your Losses Even at Christmas Time. Read More …