2 Things to “Be” and 2 Things to “Do” In Your Life

The Intentional Living Podcast
2 Things to “Be” and 2 Things to “Do” In Your Life

No one sets an appointment with a thief. Robbery is an unexpected event discovered after it happens! You might see a theft in progress. It will be like this when the Lord Jesus returns.

This one event of history will alter everything. Extreme. Elements destroyed. All things laid bare. Panic. Regret. Power never experienced by human beings.

Every time God intervenes in history, something permanent happens. Changes for the better. Fresh, new, good, much improved, much needed. God is very good at fixing human blunders. How sad that these blunders fill the human timeline. How glad that God is intimately active in this “centuries–long” timeline.

The fact that things are headed toward destruction and re-creation should impact your daily living. Jesus’ return will alter daily life. This great and powerful, loving and merciful King will set up a Kingdom that will never misgovern in any way. At that critical point in history, only what is done for Christ will last. That is profound. Contemplate the impact.

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