About Brenda’s Books and Writings

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Brenda wants you to know Jesus Christ intimately – to love the God who loves you deeply. She wants you:

  • To discover who you were created to be.
  • To identify your unique life purpose.
  • To know the delight that comes from being fully surrendered to God (living sacrifice).
  • To grow each day in Christ-like character and wisdom as you apply the principles of Scripture.
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These hopes she has for you can become realities which escort you into a daily life of being comfortable with yourself in Christ. Her desire is to get you into God’s Word while getting God’s Word into your heart. She is very aware of the draining demands of today’s stressful world and your limited time and energy.

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Brenda works hard to take principles of Scripture and apply them to daily life issues. Her writing carefully crafts questions and presents brief inspirational thoughts to enable you to drill down into root issues with practical action steps. Her desire is to slip into your busy world and help you daily maximize brief, quality minutes in God’s Word to impact your life. Her resources include books, blogs, on-line classes, and free step-by-step tools.
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