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e-pistles For an iGeneration: Relevant in a Digital Age

Communication has certainly changed! Messages once chiseled on stone graduated to scrolls, paper books, and now iPads. The i-generation brilliantly discovered how to etch into cyberspace! Computers, devices, and other technologies let you interface anywhere in the world. What a unique opportunity!

God doesn’t use stone, scrolls, paper, or cyberspace. He writes on human hearts. Jesus has called you to be His special letter – His e-pistle – to your i-generation. You can impact this highly technical, intelligent group of people who – without Jesus – are still lost.  So, how do you do that?

Paul’s letters to the Corinthians are very engaging, even stunning. He writes in a unique style, capturing a virtual message on scroll. God wants to engrave that scroll message on your heart so you can influence the i-generation. Paul writes deeper than “how was your quiet time with God over coffee this morning?” He wants you to think, wrestle, and even struggle with God’s messages. He wants you to know that your etching, your carving, your mark on history matters.

I pray this book will challenge, encourage, and empower you with bytes of truth from God’s heart. Then reach to the global community you engage every day through devices and technology. It’s time for people to remember God loves them. It starts with you. God loves you! He has written letters to tell you. Why not let your life be His special letter – His e-pistle – to your peers, co-workers, friends, family, and global neighbors?

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It’s Your Move: Strategies in Thinking from Romans

Life is like a game of chess. Interesting pieces are placed in a certain order on an equally interesting board of contrasting squares. Then it starts: the strategies, choices, and patterns. It only takes a few minutes to realize you can’t play chess without being very engaged and thoughtful.

That’s how life is. You strategize to live intentionally as you move across life’s board.

The book of Romans provides excellent strategies for life. It is a tutorial for a well-structured, well-lived life. This New Testament book teaches about God’s grace in a clever, logical, strategic, and surprising manner. It helps you process critical ideas even as it gives you options and examples. As you engage these ideas from Romans, you find yourself adopting a long view perspective that stretches your comfort zone. And then one day, you realize that you are resolved. You, indeed, know that – “with God, all things are possible.” (Mt. 19:26) This gives you the edge you need on the gameboard of life.

Rather than debate theology, It’s Your Move helps you study and apply Scriptural concepts in practical ways. When you get up in the morning for another day, you need information and resources to help you make good decisions. You need strategies in thinking, because – ready or not –

It’s your move.

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Shadows of Things to Come: 56 Days in the Book of Hebrews

Shadows are all around you. Shadows are meaningful because they represent something real. Sometimes you can only see a shadow and not the real thing. God’s love is artfully expressed through His provision of shadows over your life. Hebrews is a fascinating book of the Bible with many references to shadows.

This interactive devotional is filled with rich encouragement and practical application. In the 56 days (eight weeks) of daily studies, you can learn about the merciful, kind shadows of Jesus Christ that cover your soul. If you take them to heart and daily live in them, you will be joyful, grateful, and content. Eager expectation for a closer walk with God will rise in your heart as you live in the Shadows of Things to Come.

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Library: Despicable WeDespicable We: Daily Studies in Ezekiel

Unsuspecting Ezekiel found his life changed dramatically one day when the Sovereign Lord paid him a visit. He must have been in disbelief when he heard what God wanted him to do. God was expecting him to do and say things that were completely outside Ezekiel’s picture for his life. He was delegated the task of telling everyone how despicable they are. And then he was supposed to inspire a response from his audience of repentance, reverence, and hope.

The book of Ezekiel is filled with descriptions of the Sovereign Lord’s anger. Where is the hope in pages filled with detestable things being done by sinful people? What is the “take away” from admitting we live in a broken world? How do you rise up after reading about the lost glory of man. Or is it lost? What can a person conclude from this Old Testament book except that I am, indeed, a part of Despicable We?

After all, the Sovereign Lord has spoken! You have nothing left to say. Or do you?

Maybe there is hope. Lots of it! Maybe “broken” can be fixed. What is the possibility that glory is right around the corner of every issue? What if these positive possibilities whisper between everything that is despicable?

Will you join me, the unsuspecting, despicable author of this study, as I join the unsuspecting, despicable prophet who received the message from God centuries ago? We will explore what God thinks about Despicable We. I invite you. Ezekiel invites you. God invites you.

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Library: Hot to Effectively Get Into God's WordHow to Effectively Get Into God’s Word: Even With a Super Busy Life

Your life is fast paced and demanding. Your day starts with high impact. It’s hard to get into God’s Word, let alone apply it. So, it often gets pushed off till “later.” And later comes to mind when you lay exhausted in bed at night.

BUT you want to know God and grow closer to Him. You are a Christian. Maybe you struggle to grow. Perhaps you feel you are not credible in your faith. Or you feel distant from God sometimes. It’s just hard to have a daily conversation with an invisible person.

How can you beat all this and effectively get into God’s Word? You need some simple steps. You need fresh ideas. You need practical tips. You need to read this ebook!  Set yourself up to succeed at getting into God’s Word.

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Library: SharpShootingSharpShooting: Your Bronze Bow focuses on careful thinking and life responses using the book of Matthew as a quiver. It is a 90 day study. A bronze bow is a symbol of strength. A person who can bend such a bow is one who has properly trained. When a sure shot is needed in a critical moment, they can shoot directly into a life issue. Jesus was earth’s best Sharpshooter: brilliant, perfect in holiness, accurate in every shot into the human condition, direct, loving, and kind. Please consider His invitation to train under Him, personally. Pick up your bow and arrows. Concentrate your focus and relax into your shot. Bend your bow. Know the intensity of waiting. Know the exhilaration of anticipation. Aim small; miss small.

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Library: Celebrate AdventCelebrate Advent: A Life-Response to Emmanuel

Christmas is one of the most meaningful and treasured seasons of the year. Because it is so special, people work hard to prepare for Christmas. Often that results in added stress, tight schedules, and energy drain as preparation competes with the special day. So how can you keep December streamlined and focused on Jesus? With Celebrate Advent, you can intentionally prepare your heart to welcome Christ, focusing a few minutes each day on the amazing work God accomplished by becoming Emmanuel. Days 1-25 are designed to inspire a response and affect your life all year. Days 26-31 are designed to set a fresh perspective by bringing elements you learn during the Advent month forward into the New Year. Make a life response: Celebrate Advent!

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Library: Prepare for Christmas Without Missing ItPrepare for Christmas Without Missing It

Preparing for Christmas does not take place only a month before the holiday arrives. Properly preparing for this dearly-loved and central holiday for Christians is an all year process. Yet, the preparation plan is practical and easy.

This beautiful holiday book contains tips, action steps, creative ideas, hacks, tools, and resources to apply to your daily life all year. You will learn how to develop a management plan that effectively helps you navigate many areas of your life. When you develop and apply the content of this book for the full year, it will automatically feed into the hectic holiday season. You will better manage your life every month, and you will effectively prepare for Christmas without missing the precious meaning of it. The material includes managing time, finances, energy, setting boundaries, utilizing fresh options and ideas, making good decisions using a Christmas Grid Tool and a Key Points Check List, managing difficult people, addressing depression in the holidays, etc. This e-book will be a resource to you for years to come.

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Library: Reach BackReach Back: Intentionally Reaching Back to God

God reaches to you in love, in companionship, and in friendship. He wants a real relationship with you. He desires that you love Him back, walk your life journey with Him, and call Him your Friend. What is your response to this? Do you want Him as much as He wants you? Reach Back is a study that focuses on the human element – your portion – of being in a relationship with God. It shows you how to partner with God by asking thoughtful questions and challenging you to think deeply about life issues. The 19 lessons weave in an invitation to the meaningful adventure of knowing God, helping you become the mature and healthy person He created you to be. Reach Back can be a personal study or a group study with other Christians.

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