Meet Brenda

Brenda - Reading the Word in the park and full of joy

Brenda is the Founder and Director of Intentional Living. She is an author, blogger, and counselor in Marriage, Family, and Individual Therapy. For over 30 years, she has been helping sincere believers in Jesus apply Scripture in effective ways that enable growth and empower meaningful, daily living.

Years ago, as a young mother and educator, Brenda saw that the “theory” of Scripture doesn’t necessarily change a person’s real life experience. That bothered her. So, she began exploring what it means to live according to the Scriptures and how God’s Word actually changes your life. As she participated in her community and church, as she worked, and as she raised her children – she asked God lots of questions.

She discovered the power of Scripture is only engaged by partnering with God through the decision to be a living sacrifice. In other words, living to please God above self. Little did she realize just how transforming the “dying to self” process would be. It was not “losing” herself as much as “finding” herself, which proved the promise of Jesus – “. . . Whoever loses their life for My sake will find it.” (Mt. 10:38-40) Brenda actually began to figure out who she is in Christ.

Previously, she thought a person must give up their will to God, but she discovered it was quite the opposite. The privilege of exercising your will in agreement with God forms a partnership that taps into the power of God. This fresh, more accurate understanding of Scripture opened doors to passion and purpose even in very difficult circumstances. It also gave greater success where she had previously struggled. It was good news, because she did not yet know just how hard life could become.

After navigating many life storms, Brenda maintains a confident claim: “God is faithful. God loves you. He wants to give you power to live with passion and purposeYou Can Do This: Partner With God!”

Brenda’s goal is to encourage you in your relationship with God. She has fashioned Intentional Living to help you identify your areas of struggle, engage your life skills with a fresh understanding of Scripture, and successfully manage your realities, responsibilities, and relationships. She wants you to discover – the power of Scripture is the secret sauce.

The resources she carefully develops encourage you to live with purpose. Books. Blog articles. Website tools. They all use the principles in God’s Word to propel you into godly living. Let Intentional Living help fill your life tool box.

Individuals have expressed that after digging into some of these resources, they are finally addressing root life issues, growing healthier, and finally experiencing success in pulling out of ruts and unhealthy patterns. They also have discovered:

  • Renewed hope.
  • A more active faith in God.
  • Better management strategies for daily life.
  • Keener understanding of Scripture.
  • Growth in Christ-like character.
  • Help in raising a godly family.
  • Exposure to actions steps that promote wise choices. This leads to maturity, resolve, and thoughtful life responses.

Brenda has also been involved in educational and curriculum planning/development for over 20 years with focused experience in the business community, in discipleship training, and in elementary / secondary education for children.