Intentional Living Courses focus on bringing practical and creative ideas that help Jesus followers in a number of life areas. They are designed with encouraging materials to help you navigate your daily life.

Sometimes we launch seasonal courses to provide support and focus during busy times of celebration and responsibilities, for example, the Christmas or Easter seasons.

Announcements of upcoming courses will be communicated on this site and through our email list. Sign up for these notices. You will also receive notification whenever a new blog article has been published.

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Work It Out     

I’ve found life to be a mix of enjoyment, struggle, and problem-solving. It takes courage and management as fear pokes holes in your confidence and hurt threatens your heart. After living for awhile in this reality, a person realizes life

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Jesus Makes Life Good. Go After It!    

I remember as a young adult thinking that somewhere along the way, I’d figure out how this life works. Several decades have passed. I figured some things out, but there is still so much I don’t know or understand –

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  Last blog article explored living with purpose and hope. We began developing a 1-Page Goals Sheet – Step 1. This Goals Sheet is an individualized, custom-designed plan to organize and manage your life effectively with simple action steps.  We explored specific

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Gifts Under God’s Great Tree

Pretend with me. You are a child. It’s Christmas. The tree is up and decorated. Glow and sparkle fill the room with Christmas magic. Being a curious child, you have already checked out the landscape of presents under the tree.

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First episode: We have a podcast!

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More e-Pistles For an iGeneration: Relevant in a Digital Age

Life has changed through technology and the internet. People form global friendships, businesses, and communities. The i-generation has accomplished what was thought impossible. Yet, people are empty, searching, hoping. Even Christians struggle. Is this true for you? Some original ideas have been forgotten. This sequel book helps you re-discover “more.” Your life e-pistle matters. God loves you. Read More …

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