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Years ago, as a young mother, counselor, and educator, Brenda saw that the “theory” of Scripture doesn’t necessarily change a person’s real-life experience. That bothered her. In fact, it made her sad. So, she began exploring what it means to live by God’s Word – for real. How does Scripture change your life? That was her personal launch question as she participated in her community and church, as she worked, and as she raised her children. She asked God lots of questions. Life became a learning curve.

Brenda discovered the power of Scripture is only engaged by partnering with God through the decision to be a living sacrifice. In other words, living to please God above self. Little did she realize just how transforming the “dying to self” process would be. It was not “losing” herself as much as “finding” herself, which proved the promise of Jesus – “. . . Whoever loses their life for My sake will find it.” (Mt. 10:38-40) Brenda actually began to figure out who she is in Christ.

Previously, she thought a person must give up their will to God. Her discovery was quite the opposite! The privilege of exercising your will in agreement with God forms a partnership that taps into the power of God. This fresh, more accurate understanding of Scripture opens doors to passion and purpose even in very difficult circumstances. In her own experience, this better understanding gave her greater success where she had previously struggled. It was refreshing, good news – because she did not yet know just how hard life could become.

After navigating many life storms and living a very active, full life, Brenda noticed a passion rising in her heart to help others find the amazing power and practical resources of God’s Word that are so relevant for daily living. Intentional Living was born in her heart.

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These are difficult, uncertain, and challenging days. There are very few things you can depend on when you get up in the morning. Things shift all day. Between the political state of the world, unknown health threats, cosmic nature developments,

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Whose Interests Are You Looking Out For?

What interests do you have? How do you figure out what your interests are? As a unique individual, your interests matter. Every day there are many things that capture your attention. How do those interests fit into God’s interests?

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Struggles are Real

If you had to summarize your life in one nutshell sentence, what would you say? Perhaps you would talk about your background, schooling, and degree. You might mention family. Some would talk about career. Others would reflect on additional things

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Do The Math!

Math equations have always been helpful tools to give a picture of a process, clearer understanding, and even a possible plan of action. We’re going to explore a math equation in regard to godly conduct. I guess you could call

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Life Resources and Tools

Birthdays are just FUN! At my last birthday, my son prayed a wonderful thing over me as he gave thanks for the meal and for my life. He asked the Lord to give me so much more of Himself this

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I Insist!  

Have you ever felt so strongly about something that you just had to insist? You couldn’t let it go? Well, that’s how Scripture is on some points. Because the content is from God, the writers often say (in so many

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First episode: We have a podcast!

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10 Days of Prayers During COVID-19

10 Days of Prayers is a tool to engage prayer in a tangible, practical method during this pandemic time. The downloadable zip file contains both a 10-picture set (usable on your device) and a printable pdf arrangement for card stock to cut apart and carry with you, put on your family dinner table, or slip into your Bible. The set has beautiful imagery – an attractive set of prayer cards. Read More …

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