Partner Connection

Intentional Living is developing a “Partner Connection Page.” This provides a way for ministries to support one another’s work in Jesus’ Name. By having a presence on my Partner Connection Page and allowing Intentional Living to have a presence on your website, we increase the reach for Jesus Christ – globally!.

  • Stronger prayer connection and support.
  • Exposure to work and projects God has led to develop to reach others.
  • Increased opportunity to get urgent, eternal messages to more people.
  • Greater presentation of opportunities, tools, and resources to strengthen and encourage believers in Jesus.
  • A united thrust to engage the needs of people by using the internet.

The time is shorter than ever until Jesus returns. If you’d like to partner together in the interests of Jesus (Phil. 2:21) and provide a powerful global presence for God – 

– please email me:


 Partners With




Billion.Global is working to tell a billion people about Jesus Christ in the next 10 years. They have partnered with God in great faith for world wide impact. Their vision is not for them, alone. Rather, they have invited partners from around the world to join them in trusting God for souls. Intentional Living is so impressed with this work that we chose to become a partner.




One Mission Society

One Mission is working to help fulfill the Great Commission around the world for Jesus Christ. They have developed time-proven strategies to share Jesus in many countries. One focus is planting churches. They also work in education, medicine, and discipleship. Another focus is training nationals of countries to reach their own people for the Lord.

Lettie Cowman, the wife of one of the founders of OMS (was called the Oriental Missionary Society) wrote the world famous devotional book, Streams in the Desert. (Purchase Streams.) For decades I have supported lovely people who have become missionaries with One Mission. Perhaps you will pray about Supporting a Missionary. Perhaps you are being led to become a missionary.